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Inappropriate Behaviour • Available October 28

My new EP Inappropriate Behaviour will be out October 28! In the purest spirit of Hip Hop, I hit up several beatmakers (Dubmatix, Monsieur F, GR! & Hook, Tismé, Cello…

Label Suisse Festival – Main Stage – September 17

I will perform with The Block Notes at Label Suisse Festival in Lausanne September 17 at 8 PM on the main stage (Place Centrale) ! I’m rehearsing hard with the…

Peru Tour, what a blast !

Wow !! It all happened so quick !! I still can’t believe we had such a magnificent chance to experience a new country and meet new people half way around…

“My Identity” feat. Larynx (New Song)

I am an American citizen of Zambian origin, and even though I do not live there at the moment, it is only natural that I remain concerned about what goes…

“Your Kingdom” feat. ChaCha (New Song)

Life on earth sometimes feels like a long drawn out process leading to the grave. We wake up, eat, work, eat, work, play, eat, sleep – and then do it…

“Voodoo” feat. Blitz The Ambassador

No, I am not paranoid. The looks, the stares, the insults, the negative reactions, the rudeness, the ignoring, the laughing, the spitting, the pushing … all this is real. It…




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