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Tomorrow ( A Better You, a Better Me) A John Aram project, in collaboration with Jacob Collier, for the refugees



“Layer Cake” feat. Dubmatix • NEW VIDEO

My brand new video “Layer Cake” is out now! Beat composed, mixed and mastered by Dubmatix Video directed by Frederico Lopes and Raphael Piguet Song taken from my EP Inappropriate…

Inappropriate Behaviour • Available October 28

My new EP Inappropriate Behaviour will be out October 28! In the purest spirit of Hip Hop, I hit up several beatmakers (Dubmatix, Monsieur F, GR! & Hook, Tismé, Cello…

Label Suisse Festival – Main Stage – September 17

I will perform with The Block Notes at Label Suisse Festival in Lausanne September 17 at 8 PM on the main stage (Place Centrale) ! I’m rehearsing hard with the…

Peru Tour, what a blast !

Wow !! It all happened so quick !! I still can’t believe we had such a magnificent chance to experience a new country and meet new people half way around…

“My Identity” feat. Larynx (New Song)

I am an American citizen of Zambian origin, and even though I do not live there at the moment, it is only natural that I remain concerned about what goes…

“Your Kingdom” feat. ChaCha (New Song)

Life on earth sometimes feels like a long drawn out process leading to the grave. We wake up, eat, work, eat, work, play, eat, sleep – and then do it…